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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 7, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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like nothing else ought to interest i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great one more transfer. and thinks this minute. in twenty fourteen a bloody revolution did you predict the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know are here to epidemiologists good video dream in the new bill is that i new spelling you know the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen and those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in knees and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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will be in. last year's does he. or not all what i mean. to make it. through. you know the yellow card to come in from a week in which he has nothing to do but if. what you're in is the formality of you. almost you must name their baby when within the muslim world nothing to do with money both of them in this but my will in the most they
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will start to feel. changing the system back again is going to be very expensive. from munich a preliminary calculation came to nineteen million euros by twenty twenty and that's without the license fees for microsoft. does create the moogs is a listen i didn't end of fflick on the students to bus one toon con is still gazed osugi even if you're a new do so me i'm done most miles indicated of and under the arbor it's been hashed does pay nice tight m.t.b. a fun feelin in him in long been able to pull the thing gets me sane soul it does for tolman. bit of
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a nym consented to visit the. park to schmidt and him fit in fun been a new moon pool in the kid order for you comin the pool room along tot the. height owns the mokes would often been to signed us for. good schooling when do you own the painting owns. the truly hats even cry is on the scene come and none other than my own studio on the ping it's fun and im a mini carnation concept when this new government are marked you're shown saber. in the administration is about to start with the change over to open source which the microsoft friends in munich are about to give up even the italian army has
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begun to break away from microsoft it has already replaced microsoft office on thirty thousand computers with the open source program lever office there where is the game a bit off. most of officer i don't know he says he jane said no but also that the yacht the bin will be so good when it's out of course i may be tainted probably share with the corn and lots of officer and then each other bill will be so good to talk with that i will see but i'm going to be no fees when you start what i can but it certainly is soft that very soon children they can then separate the people who look to tita. when to provide this is the leader office right doc i know if. this were up to me and want. a clue. camilla the world isn't the same. as so much had always held her just to the image of ted we're going to do what i. said she had. a bit i mean gets you on
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it or to respond as she should have been told me doing what all the queen did it is probably a considerable. the french and i'm of the master nerd is one step ahead of the italians did not only converted the office software but also like the munich administration changed the operating system from windows to linux and by doing so saved around twenty million euros in eight years nevertheless the police department is now coming on the massive pressure investigate europe has seen an order from the ministry of the interior to force the return of those on the money to microsoft does the corporation have such an influence one of those who has been following this for a long time does it from the french n.g.o.s appeal which fights for the use of free
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software. because it. was all he gets also except from this rule it gets like. that. if as you want to link them all is no life should be. allowed to own up on a box and i think you can surmise from. the. more what in the who also said that this court here on the definition. is said that he stepped in kuwait. didn't use legan a moment microsoft meant about how concerned they e-mail address in austin is today he said. it's not me he said if it's your own at best i mean. it's a point. what john the last bird was inducted by should be released or shipped either because of course it decoded what of arnold ever in the book which you bought to as he warns and on the basis of atsic edged its use of bush no more
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but always it will put a lot of our lot at it on the asian course of water so what is it going is one of these leaks to come on the little bit and. nobody in the ministry of defense was willing to give us any information about the corporation was microsoft. that investigated your openness how ninety experts from the french government who is prepared to talk about it we have an appointment to neutral place because he has to remain anonymous in order not to lose his job but the most there is in investigate you're a colleague let me now know has also found documents that show how closely the french government cooperates with microsoft ok the auburn for defense has really given the hub and document here as the i'm going to have four. does and with about
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a minute and the e-mail address of the tidings minister young's a party at one try upped their them for delay tied to us and another document. that's going out is a myth about it or. a complete buy microsoft under status can see a clear invaders mcleish is no as many of you do next he's not at his enemies he declared is that they have off was. nice to us you're like anything they had set that mark. yet is their point of. course after. it is he said it in the news are shown again me. at their. the closeness of this relationship is also demonstrate. secret treaty that the ministry of defense has maintained was microsoft for ten years not even parliament has been informed of its content and conclusion it's the contract
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between the french ministry of defense and microsoft and we have no doubt that either amount of money are any legal procedure. and it was all black if you can see these all black and what is important in this country is the amount of money. they spent on that it's all black in the amount of money and it was not even come here in front of the senate because an important senator asked directly to the minister of defense who should definitely knitter because she just doesn't demand of fire commissioner i think firing. yet another blacked out contract once again the corporation prohibits the government from providing appropriate information but now finally the parliament is going to examine what microsoft actually gets in license fees from the state treasury according to some sources it's around two hundred euros per workstation and here extrapolated to the whole of europe this would be
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a double digit billion euro amount per year which would be put to far better use if it was invested in an open european software will france's parliamentarian succeed in breaking the council of silence. and. this get us. to shift. how short or. even to close it off he thinks. karma. did. because so often do you call toss. a ball that is no longer. couldn't he is an example in and. out of. injury to lead the new man disappoints me you will do a whole move. could you. point out book result of
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comment. on face the force proper support couldn't get in the. dog door yeah for who do being. moved it is because of diggers and differences as army of the admitted programming from microsoft but the daughter does for the lets you know over the you tube from guys think of a good book more net that short because of this is a problem. when men met all the way to or most are going to do next you knew deuce. they don't these are guys dawgs. the microsoft systems also a security risk there over complex and vulnerable and only the microsoft experts
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know this was called the kiss computer club it's been criticizing this for a long time they have to act as kind as they had to. say it's just stuck and when they get to say good then all of us and i. had. our.
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right we're all set to start in five get. the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about that. just really right after the morris explorers one who would have their. feet. tall to illustrate. welcome to sophie and tell him so shevardnadze said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our gas. good luck that'll.
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you know. that i would rather have that than other. luckily that i'm not out of the amount of money they're playing and i get a feeling. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. not allowed out want to get my little money now why not act and arrogant ass up for exxon and the all the people we believe this open here. model of i can say what the bible said johnny boy are you the moment of mother how do it all because there are a lot of them on the way to my building looking at the people i don't want to put out a lot more which party would i know them of the brother. in
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the last days of the soviet union people were full of hope and anticipation of the upcoming changes underground music by young musicians of the time captured the mood perfectly what was it like to live and make music in that atmosphere. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who hit into people the halls with simple song alone events like on the niggas full elsewhere though they invite private companies to take over their utilities many by the telescope of.


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